Friday, 18 July 2014

Praise for The Unsticker by Peter Freeth

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

40 Interview Icebergs in Purely Payroll Magazine

Purely Payroll Magazine have published a review of Michael Heath's latest book, 40 Interview Icebergs and How to Sail Around Them...

As fears of the recession fade, companies are hiring again and people are starting to think about making career moves. But more jobs means more competition amongst candidates, and many people turn to self-help career and interviewing books for help.

We’ve been looking at one of the latest to hit the shelves, 40 Interview Icebergs by Michael Heath.
One of the first things to notice about Michael’s book is that it’s comprised of 40 short, concise and valuable chapters, each one dealing with a very specific issue that could get in the way of your success at an interview. As in the title, Michael refers to these obstacles as ‘icebergs’, saying, “So many people go for interviews and sail along merrily before steering straight into the iceberg that sinks their application there and then.”

Michael’s approach, overall, is to say that, if you can prepare for some of the common mistakes that candidates make, you’ll stand a far better chance of getting the job of your dreams. After all, if a job is worth applying for, isn’t it worth making sure you put your best foot forward throughout the whole selection process?

Another point to note about this book is the perspective from which it’s written. So many books like this are written only by the ‘career expert’ who shares their advice with the reader. The danger of this style is that it can be one sided. After all, if you’re looking for a job, whose advice are you really looking for? A careers expert, or a recruiting manager?

Each of Michael’s 40 chapters features valuable advice from a professional recruiter or recruiting manager, many of them from ‘household name’ companies. They aren’t sharing theories, they’re telling you what they want to see and hear before they’ll hire someone in an interview.

To make the book easier to navigate (no pun intended!), Michael has grouped the 40 chapters into 8 ‘iceberg zones’, which follow the process that you’ll go through as you follow your career path. The 8 zones are:

  • CVs
  • Application forms
  • Telephone interviews
  • Interview preparation
  • Interview style
  • Interview questions
  • Presentations and Assessment centres
  • Post-Interview
Overall, this is a great book for anyone who doesn’t want to plough through reams of theory on interviewing techniques and just wants to get straight to the practical advice for each stage of the journey. It’s especially valuable for anyone who feels that they’re generally fine with the process, but who struggles with a particular area, such as writing a compelling CV or making a confident presentation. The book is easy to read, easy to follow, concise and, above all, packed full of real, practical advice.

Michael Heath has nearly 20 years’ experience of interviewing and recruitment. As well as running training workshops for both interviewers and interviewees, he offers a wealth of practical knowledge and advice to prepare people for the challenges they face when attending a recruitment interview.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Accepting the Radical at the Toronto Spring Psychic Fair

The second edition of Accepting the Radical by Ronna Smithrim and Christopher Oliphant is about to be released, just in time for the authors' appearance at the Toronto Spring Psychic Fair.

Visit the authors' website for more information and discounts on tickets:

Queen Elizabeth Building - Exhibition Place
100 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, Ontario Canada
April 25, 26, 27, 2014 - Fri: 4-9 - Sat: 10-9 - Sun: 10-6

Friday, 7 February 2014

Accepting the Radical - Second Edition

The second edition of Accepting the Radical by Christopher Oliphant and Ronna Smithrim is currently in the final stages of production, and will be due for release very shortly.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

NLP Master Practitioner in Goa, India, with Peter Freeth in October 2014

NLP Master Practitioner in Goa, India

Combine world class learning with a fantastic holiday. Just don't tell the boss about the 'holiday' bit...!

With optional SNLP certification for students with an existing NLP Practitioner certification.

October 2014 - provisionally 10th to 19th

We'll be working with ClassNLP to deliver a unique NLP training experience - a real, 10 day SNLP certified NLP Master Practitioner program in the remarkable location of Goa, India. For less than the cost of a UK Master Practitioner course, you can combine your Master Practitioner certification with a holiday in an outstanding part of the world.

Get in touch to reserve your place - there are strictly only 10 available.

What does this mean to you? It means that you get probably the best and most rigorous NLP Master Practitioner Training in an amazing location and the course costs less than a UK based course, and since there's no VAT and it's a tax deductable expense, you save even more.

Your trainer will be Peter Freeth, well known as an outstanding NLP trainer with particular expertise in the business and professional applications of NLP. Peter has over 20 years' experience with NLP training and has written over 10 books on NLP and its applications. Peter has trained thousands of students, both through public NLP programs and through corporate training, as well as through many colleges and Universities, and his innovations in NLP are now used by trainers all over the world.


Get in touch to reserve your place - there are strictly only 10 available.

The course fee is £500 (everything there is better value for money!), flights start from £503 from Manchester or £607 from Birmingham and the real total cost with the tax saving is about £800. Plus, because the training takes place outside the UK, there's no VAT to pay, saving you another £100.

There's a huge range of accommodation to choose from, so you get to decide whether to stay in 5* luxury, or a cosy, private guest house. Or why not book a package holiday, including flights and hotel? A package including flights from London and accommodation at the 4* Royal Orchid Resort costs just £988 - plus the course fee and minus the tax is still just £1,100ish per person.

Get in touch to reserve your place - there are strictly only 10 available.

SNLP certification, if you want to apply for it once you've successfully completed the course, costs an additional £50.

See the TimeOut guide to Goa here

Get in touch to reserve your place - there are strictly only 10 available.

And remember to visit ClassNLP too to find out more about them...

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

CGW Publishing to Launch Time Travel Delivery Service

In order to upstage Amazon's bizarre drone powered delivery plans, CGW Publishing has announced its new time travel delivery service.

The new service works by delivering the book before the customer has bought it, so from their point of view, the book arrives at the instant they complete the transaction.

The high cost of the technology required is offset by the use of cheap delivery labour, using the existing network of canals and narrowboats, the pony express and boy scouts.

When a customer orders a book, it is sent back in time to the most cost effective delivery point and transported to the customer's location where it then waits in secure storage for the customer to order it, at which time it is then posted through the customer's letter box.

The new service is currently being trialled in 1973, and will be available worldwide as from yesterday.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Special Christmas Offers on Books

Here are three special offers on Peter Freeth's books for Christmas - half price (plus a contribution towards shipping costs):

Genius at Work
Cover price £20

Shipping options

The NLP Practitioner Manual
Cover price £25

Shipping options

The NLP Master Practitioner Manual
Cover price £25

Shipping options

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New Review for Genius at Work

Genius at Work takes a fresh look at how to build an effective and committed workforce. Through relevant case studies Peter Freeth illustrates a sensible and engaging way to maximise the existing talent within an organisation rather than relying on the constantly changing trends of business and talent management theories.

The theories and case studies Peter uses in his book demonstrate to be highly practical with a very positive impact and outcome. I would recommend any HR professional who is looking for insight into building a talent management strategy to read Genius at Work.

Andrew Howatson, Head of Talent Acquisition, AOL Europe

Will Greenwood, rugby star, talks about Paul Boross' latest book Pitch Up!

Friday, 18 October 2013

New Book Translations Coming Soon

Here's some exciting news about our books - well, it's exciting for us, anyway.

Firstly, a number of our books are going to be translated into Russian and recorded as audiobooks for distribution via Loudbook. Hopefully we'll also be releasing them as printed books in Russian too.

Secondly, two of Peter Freeth's books are going to be translated into Italian and distributed by PNLeCoaching.

I'll update you again when they're available to buy.